American Fans:Can barely name all the members in One Direction
Kpop Fans:Can name all the members from at least 10 different groups, can identify them by voice, knows how old they are, knows each persons height in centimeters , and can identify what song was being promoted at that time by just looking at the hairstyle.
Jpop Fans:Let me tell you about AKB48


D-15 till 黄子韬‘s birthday

Reasons to love him; When he gets super excited

SM Entertainment artist’s most viewed MV’s

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[NEWS] EXO - 140417 MyDaily News: “EXO, Jin-do ferry sinking tragedy leads to promotion cancellation…Rescheduling all their comeback plans”



"Idol group EXO, who had their comeback plans ahead of them, are rescheduling all their current promotion plans.

The “Saewolho” ferry has been stranded in the seas of Jin-do and and in the midst of survivors steadily being rescued, all entertainment broadcasting stations, including the idol industry are halting their planned schedules of fanmeets and cable broadcasts. To pay their respects for the victims who have passed on and to mourn for those who are struggling to survive, EXO has also cancelled all interviews that were schedule to take place along with all their other promotion plans.

EXO-K, the brother group of EXO who promotes in Korea, had schedules set for their 2nd mini-album ‘Overdose’ comeback promotions, planned to start on the 18th, which were postponed due to many concerns regarding the recent tragedy. Cancellation for music broadcasts airing through cable channels, Mnet ‘MCountdown’ and KBS2 TV ‘Music Bank’, has been confirmed and it is likely that MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ will follow suit, resulting in none of the idol groups will be making appearances in any music broadcasts.

EXO recently held a showcase and revealed their new title track, but the recent tragedy is likely to extend their promotional pause from anywhere between a week to three weeks.

EXO-M, the brother group of EXO-K, will continue on with their original plans of promotion in China. They will be attending the press conference and performing their comeback stage on China’s first ever music ranking program, CCTV ‘Global Chinese Music Standings’, on the 19th.”

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"Because the word ‘first’ is special." - Chen, Kim Jongdae.

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“This isn’t a dream, stop asking, clear your mind.”

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 Sehun has grown so much

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but whats wrong with his hands tho. thats some ET shit right there